Baldy stared at the bottle in his hand for a minute, then grinned. “Quarter a hand, minimum ante, 3 rounds of betting.”

The Bounty Hunter grinned back at Baldy, each stupidly grinning at the other’s misfortune. The barman watched them with a nervous eye, wondering if the four gold coins he’d pocketed were going to be worth the trouble.

“Patch, get over here.” One of the men at the poker table called. “You in or out on this hand?”

“In! In.” Patch, baldy, rushed back to his seat, dropping a shiny quarter on the scarred felt.  

“I’m in too.” The Bounty Hunter grabbed a chair from another table and sat at the table. He took off his hat for the first time, dropping it on a nearby table, and flipped a quarter with his thumb. It spun upwards, hanging in the air for just a second before dropping to the table. “Name’s Ricksin”

Ricksin started losing. Patch won the first hand, calling a bad bluff from the Bounty Hunter.  Teredy, the man next to Ricksin, won the next hand with a sweet fullhouse. Again, the Bounty hunter lost big trying to capitalize on two pair. Another round loss, and then a fourth. Soon Ricksin was deep in the hole, and deep in the bottle. Everyone was having a good time. Both Teredy and Ruckus, who sat on the other side of the Bounty Hunter, were ribbing him badly for the losing streak.

Ricksin, however, insisted he would play till he won. He pulled another gold coin out of his pocket and tossed it to the barman, demanding another bottle.

“And shots for all my friends!” A cheer went up around the table, and the barman hurried another bottle of the amber cactus liquor over.


Party Three is done! 😀 I think this little episode in Ricksin’s story is gonna be four parts long, then I’m gonna give another story a shot for a while. Let me know if you like this series and if you want more! Check out Part 2 Here, and Part 1 Here 

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