The slight in and out hiss filling the absence of sound in space is quite calming. It reminds me of Star Wars. Darth Vader. Maybe not the most calming of presences, but it reminds me of a better time. Sitting in my orbital pod, warm and cozy, hooked into internet I was siphoning off a…Read more Scavenger

Terra 6

I tell ya, after 37 years on the force, you think nothing can really surprise you anymore. You start getting comfortable in your desk chair, waiting for the next call to come in. Couple homicides before lunch. Enjoy a minestrone while catching up on the news for an hour. Maybe spend the afternoon working on…Read more Terra 6

Bobby Falcon

Write a story involving a detective investigating a crime his partner committed. 10 mins. I knew Bobby hadn’t done what they said he’d done. I knew Bobby for nearly fifteen years now. He wudn’t no angel. He was a piss-drinking, shit-talking, short-tempered sonofabitch, but murder? Nah. Deep down Bobby was a softy. He couldn’t hurt…Read more Bobby Falcon