Killing Perfect Prompt #4

Sometimes authors will start their story in the middle, to throw the reader right into the action. Begin your next horror story somewhere in the middle, preferably someplace terrible. In Media Res In Media Res, when used correctly, can be a great way to build tension. Done right, it not only makes the reader question…Read more Killing Perfect Prompt #4

Leave Your Guns at Home Pt. 3

Baldy stared at the bottle in his hand for a minute, then grinned. “Quarter a hand, minimum ante, 3 rounds of betting.” The Bounty Hunter grinned back at Baldy, each stupidly grinning at the other’s misfortune. The barman watched them with a nervous eye, wondering if the four gold coins he’d pocketed were going to…Read more Leave Your Guns at Home Pt. 3

Leave Your Guns At Home, Pt. 2

“Thanks, partner.” The barman handed him the empty shells, the bottle of brandless amber liquid probably distilled from a cactus in somebody’s shack, and a thin little cigar. “Keep the change.” He ambled over to a little table near the bar where he could see most of the restaurant. He didn’t have to look to…Read more Leave Your Guns At Home, Pt. 2