Gates of Eden, Part Eight

5/2/22 The neighbors being gone is actually a lot more helpful than I thought it would be. It wasn't till today that I realized I'd never seen much of Robinson's house. It's been so long since I been inside I can't remember much. Seem's like nothing's changed, though, except now it's Nate, Ted, and Elaina's…Read more Gates of Eden, Part Eight


The Gates of Eden, Part Seven

All the way to the horizon, the road was filled with cars. Rusted out, most had broken windows, some had crashed into the ones in front of them before they were abandoned. Skeletons of broken lives that had run until they had run out of gas...

The Gates of Eden, Part Three

4/21/22 Casey and her group left today. Thought I’d feel better, but I’m anxious. Her husband, John, said something that’s been bugging me all day. “You know something, there’s a lot of people travelling the highways by foot up here. We tried to take a shortcut to get away from em, and ended up here.…Read more The Gates of Eden, Part Three