Gates of Eden, Part Eight

5/2/22 The neighbors being gone is actually a lot more helpful than I thought it would be. It wasn't till today that I realized I'd never seen much of Robinson's house. It's been so long since I been inside I can't remember much. Seem's like nothing's changed, though, except now it's Nate, Ted, and Elaina's…Read more Gates of Eden, Part Eight

The Gates of Eden, Part Three

4/21/22 Casey and her group left today. Thought I’d feel better, but I’m anxious. Her husband, John, said something that’s been bugging me all day. “You know something, there’s a lot of people travelling the highways by foot up here. We tried to take a shortcut to get away from em, and ended up here.…Read more The Gates of Eden, Part Three

Leave Your Guns at Home Pt. 3

Baldy stared at the bottle in his hand for a minute, then grinned. “Quarter a hand, minimum ante, 3 rounds of betting.” The Bounty Hunter grinned back at Baldy, each stupidly grinning at the other’s misfortune. The barman watched them with a nervous eye, wondering if the four gold coins he’d pocketed were going to…Read more Leave Your Guns at Home Pt. 3