“Thanks, partner.” The barman handed him the empty shells, the bottle of brandless amber liquid probably distilled from a cactus in somebody’s shack, and a thin little cigar. “Keep the change.”

He ambled over to a little table near the bar where he could see most of the restaurant.

He didn’t have to look to see the barman’s face as he realized exactly how much extra he’d been left, but he relished the feeling anyway with a little smirk to himself. There were benefits to losing a few coins to generosity. The barman probably needs it, plus it’s a good way to get a feel for a room. See who was interested in the money, and who wasn’t. A balding, slimy-looking fat man at the poker table had been glancing his way ever since the money came out.

Without losing his smirk, the Bounty Hunter poured himself a couple measures into the empty shotgun shells. Glass was pretty sparse out here. Had to use what you had in abundance. He didn’t care though. After a while the taste of gunpowder started to grow on you, and the Bounty Hunter absolutely relished it.

The shots were empty and refilled faster than he could load an actual shotgun. By the time he’d finished those, baldy was getting up from his poker game.

“Howdy, Stranger.” He said, lumbering over. “How goes it?”

The Bounty hunter filled up two more shots. “Not bad.”

Baldy hesitated, as if he expected the stranger to say something else. “Do you wanna play a game with us?”

“What’s the game?”

What’s the game? The hell he think the game is? “Five card draw.”

The Bounty Hunter pretended to think for a minute. “Nah I’m not the gamblin’ type.”

“Oh C’mon, just a friendly game in a small town. Name’s Billy.” He held out his hand.

The Bounty Hunter stared at the hand, then put his bottle in it. “Alright, you’ve convinced me.” He leapt up from his seat, and wobbled a little. “What’re the stakes?”


Hey everyone, I decided to do a part two on this because… I felt like I had more to write with this. So I made it a miniseries 😀 Anyone up for a part Three? If you missed Part one, check it out here. Thanks for reading! 


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