Ready. Set. DANGER

Scientifically enhanced sugar gliders who have special vending machine-locating powers? Intelligent marsupials investigating an outbreak in cancer? A possibly-evil soft drinks company?... Sounds fun. “Fun”is an apt description of Danger Gliders, a comic series created by Alexa Fox and Sean Gilmour at Challenging Comics. The story follows a group of scientifically enhanced sugar gliders (flying squirrel-like…Read more Ready. Set. DANGER

Diggin Up Them Holes

Ah Louis Sachar. For many people, myself included, this man had a direct connection to our childhoods. He seemed to understand what it meant to be a kid, and Holes is no different in that respect. However, the book also dealt with themes, characters, and situations that were a good deal darker than those in…Read more Diggin Up Them Holes