There’s something about trying to get back into a rhythm that always feels like a Monday.

Part of what I’m learning on my little journey is how important keeping up a certain consistency is. Maybe not working 12 hours a day every day, but trying to reach a golden minimum every day: waking up on time, having routines, getting little things done that have a massive amount of carryover effect into how I do the big things.

I’m learning how important maintaining my health is too. When I’m tired or not eating well I tend to cut corners near the end of the day, to try to get done whatever I’m doing no matter the cost. These little corners add up.

The little disciplines you can repeat daily can have the biggest impact in your life.

It may seem cliche, and is, at least, certainly nothing new, it’s something I struggle with daily. It’s not necessary for everyone, but for me I think it’s vital.

Mind the little things, and Happy Reading!


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