Scientifically enhanced sugar gliders who have special vending machine-locating powers? Intelligent marsupials investigating an outbreak in cancer? A possibly-evil soft drinks company?… Sounds fun. “Fun”is an apt description of Danger Gliders, a comic series created by Alexa Fox and Sean Gilmour at Challenging Comics. The story follows a group of scientifically enhanced sugar gliders (flying squirrel-like animals) who have special powers, love soda, and save lives. The first two issues drop the reader right into the action, doing little to explain the history of the Danger Gliders, and letting you figure it out as you go along. This puts an emphasis on the characters and action, which is where the fun really lies.

I love these characters. Two of the Gliders, Spanner and Jimmy, take much of the focus through the first issue, and the way the two interact is entertaining and has a lot of heart. Their whole dynamic is similar to Chip and Dale, Though Spanner and Jimmy are more individual than those two chipmunks. Spanner is goofy, quick witted, and fun-loving, while still being clever and resourceful. Jimmy is more down-to-earth, focused, and cautious. Despite the more mild manner, Jimmy’s character doesn’t get lost behind Spanner’s antics. She’s a mercenary, and her main focus is getting paid, while the risks she takes to help people speaks to her good nature. This gives her a depth that’s compelling when paired with her wit, and her juxtaposition with Spanner’s goofy hero schtick makes for some classic humour.

What really stands out from these comics is the art. JP Palabon, JM Valenzuela, and Roy Canlas all bring this comic to life. Fluid, energetic frames span across vivid, detailed backgrounds. Each frame is full of motion and detail, and each adds to the characters and the comedy. Not a frame is wasted, even sometimes where it should be. The first two issues are a bit fast paced, and in one or two places this can be confusing, or undercut the tone. However, what this allows the comic to deliver on is the action and the danger. The art style seems perfectly suited to that, and it’s tough not to gasp in all the right places.

I’d recommend these stories for any comic fan looking for some light-hearted fun and adventure. It’s funny and action-packed, but also knows when to darken the tone for more serious moments. The idea is very creative, and I love all the care and effort that went into designing these characters, and then hiding those designs from the readers. It has you hooked by the first reading, and finding new things to sink your teeth into by the second. I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen next.

Danger Gliders can be bought on Amazon

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