Stumbling Home

She had missed the last train and there was only one person she knew in the whole city. Her friends had gone home earlier, but nooooo she wanted to stay with the tanned hunk she’d been pulling at the club. He’s nice, she said. I’m probably gonna stay at his, she said. Turned out, he…Read more Stumbling Home

Worst Memoir Ever

To most people, Willard Henry seemed like a real piece of shit for his entire life. By his own account he dislikes people, and doesn’t really care what you “pussy-whipped bastards think of me anyway.” He was pretty much like this from a child. Growing up in a small shack in the “middle of nowhere,”…Read more Worst Memoir Ever

Bobby Falcon

Write a story involving a detective investigating a crime his partner committed. 10 mins. I knew Bobby hadn’t done what they said he’d done. I knew Bobby for nearly fifteen years now. He wudn’t no angel. He was a piss-drinking, shit-talking, short-tempered sonofabitch, but murder? Nah. Deep down Bobby was a softy. He couldn’t hurt…Read more Bobby Falcon

An Improvement

I told him not to get an Apple iCoffee, and now the world’s ending. Could’ve gone with Folgers, Nespresso, or an ancient percolator; hell, I would’ve taken instant coffee and a kettle. But no. Aaron had to be all tech-savvy and get the latest and greatest piece of faux-minimalist plastic crap from Steve Jobs’ house…Read more An Improvement

“Get out of the car with your hands up”

Those words sent my stomach plummeting down to the bottom of my shoes. Was he serious? What did I do? What could I do? I looked at the cop in my side mirror. He looked serious enough. One knee down, service weapon pointed right at my car. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.…Read more “Get out of the car with your hands up”