The object to your right is now the mcguffin that could destroy the universe: Go

Check out the rules to the challenge here. Come up with your own terrible story and share it on Instagram and Twitter with #KillingPerfect

Shit. I had no idea this Orange Crush can could cause the utter destruction of the solar system. If the Death-Squadders catch me with it, I’m doomed! Hi, I’m Paul.

Image by BRRT from Pixabay

Born 19 and a half years ago, I, Paul, would come upon the Orange Crush Can the same way I came upon every can of Orange Crush in my life: the Fridge.

However, now I must destroy the empire. They will never stop coming for me or my can of Orange Crush.

There is only one way to proceed: with badassery.

McGuffin: An object or device that kicks off the story but has no real relevance to the plot.

Featured Image by rawpixel from Pixabay

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