A Letter From Frederic The Lesser

Dear Fyodor,

I assure you, if it weren’t for the Kernal Post, you wouldn’t be receiving this letter at all.

These people are excellent at staying warm. I was a little worried when the frost came but that was belayed quickly. They wear more furs than father could fit in a closet!

I miss you too, brother. The nights are long this winter and I can’t help but feel something of an outsider. A hearty pint of warm ale with you would make this coldness damned enjoyable. Unfortunately I don’t think I could make the trip now.

Snow up here is different than at home. We only get sprinklings in comparison. You could stick your whole arm in the snow and never reach the ground! How the postman manages I haven’t the faintest. Yet’ it’s a true miracle.

I believe I will come home in the spring, if only briefly. It would do me well to see you and mother again.

I hope you’re well.

Love, Frederic

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