Everything really pulled together quickly. “Quickly” being the key term, not “easily.” In the end the whole team pulled together working a lot of long hours to get it together. Even Eva was pitching in, helping us pour dirt onto the fence as it was being constructed. in the end, we put up nearly 1200 feet of fencing in just under three days.

Those Johnson boys are something else. To watch them cut and lay lumber you’d think they did it all their lives. I guess their dad worked them hard even outside the general store.

Nate was a huge help too, he was a roofing contractor before the incident. The man knows how to work hard.

“Compared to dicking around on a hot roof in July” he said while carrying an entire timber on one shoulder. “I’ll take this any day.”

We ran the fence from the water line in a screwy semi-circle around all three houses. On both sides we ran the fence along the bluffs, so it’s near impossible to get over them now. In front of the house we sharpened several timbers into spikes and ran them through facing the road. The only way in or out now is up my driveway.

We even managed to hide the fence through the trees. We left a thicket about 10-20 yards thick between the fence and the road. If you look carefully, and knew what you were looking for, you could probably make out what it is. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure it will escape the notice of your average passerby.

The real trouble was hiding the fence along the other driveways. We tried to keep it behind the trees, but eventually the driveways had to be crossed.

We tried to put as much as we could behind the natural curves of the driveways, but Ted had the brilliant idea to drag down a couple trees, make it look like the fell down in the middle of a storm, and hide the other lumber we layed across the gravel.

With the help of the Johnson’s and some strong rope, we had six or seven trees down in a matter of hours.

The sound was something tremendous. The crack of the splintering trunks sounded like thunder.

I hope no one heard it. I hope no one looks too closely, at least till we have the second wall up. I need a break, though. We all do.

Tomorrow I’ll go hunting. We could use the food, and everyone deserves the feast.

Right now I need sleep.


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