Notes from meeting about fortifying the houses and the road – for Bill

Attendees: Bill, Me, Nate, Ted, Elaina, Al, and Terri

Bill: So… things have been changing quickly around here.

Nate: You can say that again

Ted: Things have been changing quickly around here.

Al: Change seems to be the way of things these days.

Bill: Well, there might be more change on the way.

Elaina: What do you mean?

Bill: Someone had the idea that we should fortify the land around the houses, protect ourselves, and control the road.

Nate: What, like turrets?

Bill: Those would probably be involved, yeah.

Ted: Wait so you’re gonna build a fort?

Bill: I just want to know what you guys think. It’s an idea worth considering, but if we do it everyone has to be on board.

Elaina: I think we should do it.

We’re wouldn’t be the first ones, or the last. People are already dividing up land all over the state, if we don’t claim a piece now, our piece will get claimed. Plus, you all spat in the Scavenger’s face the other day. You may have gotten away clean, but if they find us, we’ll need the protection.

Terri: Do you think they’ll find us?

Elaina: I don’t know, they’ll definitely come looking. If they look long enough, it’s a crapshoot.

Bill: If we build this they’ll definitely find us. It’s easier to ignore a driveway than a wall.

Elaina: They’re not going to ignore the driveway.

Nate: You’ve got a point, if they’re mad they’ll find us eventually. I wouldn’t mind a wall between us and them.

Al: Plus controlling the traffic on the road could do us some good.

Terri: Having new people come through could be really nice. We could even get some news on what’s happening in the outside world.

Ted: Bringing in other people can backfire though.  They’ll bring their problems, their fights, their diseases. We don’t exactly have a doctor here.

Terri: One could come in from the road.

Ted: So could a crazy person.

Bill: That is certainly a possibility.

Al: One we could control though. If we control the land, the road, and the water, we can make the rules. No society is without problems, but if we have walls then, worst comes to worst, we just throw people out.

Bill: Sounds a lot like a government.

Elain: That’s because it would be a government, small time or not.

Bill: Ok, say we did this, how would we run it? Who would make the rules?

Al: Us, I would think. This is already like a council, and we could keep it informal like this — at least in the beginning.

Nate: We’d still need a leader, though. Someone who can make split decisions when we need to.

Al: That would be Bill.

(Everyone but you pretty much nodded and agreed at the same time, congratulations babe!) 

Bill: I don’t think we need to elect anybody just yet. We gotta make sure we all want to do this.

Nate: We’ve got the wood.

Bill: Yeah, but wood burns, we can’t really rely on it if the Scavengers come knocking.

Al: We could reinforce it with mud and stone, and obstacles in front of it so it’s hard to even get to.

Ted: What, like a moat?

Bill: All we need are alligators.

Nate: Even if we just dig a ditch we could use the dirt to fortify the wall.

Bill: That would take a while.

Elain: The logistics can be figured out later — if we are going to do this we need to make a decision.

Al: Should we hold a vote?

Bill: Alright… If we’re going to do this, it needs to be unanimous. Everyone needs to be sure. Once we start, we can’t go back. We need seven votes, seven yeses.

Elain: It’s a yes from me.

Al: Me as well.

Terri: Me too.

Nate: If it’s us, I’m on board.

Me: I’m in.

Ted. I’ll back you guys up. It’s a yes from  me.

Bill: … Okay. That’s what we’ll do then.



Hello everyone! Sorry this got up a bit late, I just hope the wait was worth it! Let me know what you think of the series down in the comments! 

And, as always, Happy Reading! 

E. Maciorowski

Part 1 

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