Stumbling Home

She had missed the last train and there was only one person she knew in the whole city. Her friends had gone home earlier, but nooooo she wanted to stay with the tanned hunk she’d been pulling at the club. He’s nice, she said. I’m probably gonna stay at his, she said.

Turned out, he was nice, but she wasn’t going to stay at his tonight, because he was gay.

Deep in the closet. She had to damn near pull him out of the club before he revealed that little tidbit of information. She headed back to the train station, fuming, stumbling, and sloshed. All that effort and it turns out he was just trying to use her as a cover. Pfft. Gay. He should turn straight for her. She would turn straight for her.

Now she missed her train because of him. She stood and glared at the empty station, trying to figure out what to do. Now that her temper had cooled off a bit, she noticed the night cooling down as well. The bitter cold was nipping at her thighs under her skirt, despite her leggings. She puller her jacket tighter, hunched her shoulders. Her phone!

She yanked her phone out of her bag, and scraps of paper and wrappers came flying out as well.


Hello everyone! This is yesterday’s post getting to you a little late. I was up all night working on a story and I forgot to put this up XD. My writing prompt today was the starting line “She had missed the last train and there was only one person she…” I wrote from there for 10 minutes. Write your own and post it in the comments! Who knows what you might come up with. 

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