Bobby Falcon

Write a story involving a detective investigating a crime his partner committed.

10 mins.

I knew Bobby hadn’t done what they said he’d done. I knew Bobby for nearly fifteen years now. He wudn’t no angel. He was a piss-drinking, shit-talking, short-tempered sonofabitch, but murder? Nah. Deep down Bobby was a softy. He couldn’t hurt a fly. As long as we been in this business he still gets queezy when we walk into a crime scene. He cudn’ta do that to anyone, let alone Betty.

What is it with CI’s and alleys? Always gotta meet in an alley somewhere. Always the dirtiest, dankest, darkest alley reekin of cat piss and God knows what else. Could meet in a bar somewhere. Plenty’a dark dives in this city, man can get a stiff drink while he waits. Less chance of being overheard when everyone’s just worried about forgettin. But no, gotta meet in an alley.

Here comes the little cretin now. Terry’s the type of cretin who’s no real harm to anyone,so no one pays any attention to him. Meth head. Pot dealer. Easily scary to small children, but more easily scared. But he’s got his uses. No one pays any attention to him but me, so he gets to listen in on a lot of stuff that would offend the more sensibly minded.

Hey everyone! I wrote this up earlier today off the prompt I put up on top. I thought it’d be fun to do a kinda noir detective style. What do you guys think?

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