Outside The Window

Another cloudy day in Auld Reekie. Thankfully not another day it earns that name, though. The weather is warming in April, despite the clouds. Even the wind doesn’t bite so much when it’s just a few degrees warmer. It just pushes the clouds along at a breakneck pace, rushing them off to somewhere else east of here. Seagulls and crows sail around outside, scavenging debris from the construction sites down the street. Cars fly by, people and freight making their way by the intersection.

Though even through the clouds the sun is strong enough to shine. A thin sheet of luminescent wax paper across the sky, small cotton-ball shadows of clouds scurrying along underneath it. A seagull perches on a streetlight. Stately as any songbird, chest thrust out under a head swiveling as it looked for its next meal. Behind it the stone brick, dyed beige from centuries of industrial living, stand tall. These buildings are older than living memory, predating insulation and central heating, yet they appear as if they could outlive the pyramids. The stones larger than my head nestled in perfectly by practiced masons, modernized by their descendants for hundreds of years.

There’s history outside the window, looking me in the eye.


Hello everyone! Today’s exercise was pretty standard “Outside The Window” descriptive practice. I tried to make it a bit more than just straight description, but I’m worried maybe it came across a bit pretentious? Let me know what you think in the comments. 

Thanks for Reading – E

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