Deren’s skin shook with every beat of his heart pounding out of his chest. His lungs felt bathed in ice and his muscles burned alive in acid. He kept running. The shadow at the back of his neck curled around his heart, squeezing, ripping, tearing at him as he fled.



Kren’s vision clouded as a tempest reared inside of his head. He only saw the putrid excuse for a man in front of him. Everything else drowned out by the roaring ocean, except a little voice, hiding in the back of his head. Don’t let them see.



Elena gasps. Then a ripple of gooseflesh shivered down her spine as the light tickling of his fingers left a glowing path across her skin. She grasped his arm, and felt his warmth sink into her bones.


Hello everyone! The Dissertation’s away, so I shall play! Back at the Creative Mine today and it feels good to be writing creatively again. Today’s exercise was describing emotional sensations without using the words. What do you guys think? What would you guys write? Let me know in the comments!

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