Aaron had never seen an angel before. He had seen pictures, and always thought the stained glass angels he used to see at church were kinda pretty. But he hadn’t been to church in years, and he wasn’t sure those would make a good reference even if he could remember them in any detail.

Somehow though, a reference wasn’t needed. The thing floating in front of him couldn’t be anything else but an angel. Wings, holy light above its head, it even descended from the heavens, for chrissakes. Oops. Maybe not the best time, but a goddamn angel just appeared in front of him. How’s a guy supposed to react to that?

He supposed some others would lay prostrate, right? Bow and pray, profess how unworthy they were. Aaron needed a cigarette. He’d been run ragged for the last three days, and he really just didn’t feel like bowing. He could barely stand. The angel would just have to deal with it.


A new day, a new exercise! Tonight’s prompt was “Angels” and I wrote, again, for around 10 minutes. Write with me! I’d love to see what you guys produce.  – Eddie 

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